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Homeopathic management of Diabetes - Dr. Ramesh Babu N

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Diabetes is one of the commonest condition prevalent in India, diabetes can be broadly classified into 3 types, Type 1 Diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes results from failure of the pancreas to produce insulin, type 2 diabetes is due to the non response of the cells to the insulin, gestational diabetes happens in women who are pregnant women is non diabetic before the pregnancy at any point during the pregnancy a women can turn out to a diabetic which eventually subsides by itself even without any medication once after the delivery. Symptoms of Diabetes may include increased urination, increased thirst and increased appetite, some patients of diabetes also may experience blurry vision, dizziness, weakness and sweating. When we know that we are affected with diabetes it is good to have a good control with your diet, regular exercises and reducing your body weight will help in maintaining a good glucose level. Homeopathic medicines are very effective not only in controlling diabetes but also it cures diabetes, some of the medicines which are very useful in treating diabetic patients are bovista, phosphoric acid, Carbo veg, nux-vomica and syzygium-jambolanum.

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