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Homeowner Answers Short Sale Success Story: Water Ash Drive Wesley Chapel, FL

Rob & Trisha Wood relocated to the Bay Area in 05′ after Rob Wood’s job transferred him from N.Y. The Wood’s found their dream home and placed $75k of their hard earned money down on the place they were gong to call home.
A few years later, the Wood’s were given the news that their 13 year old daughter had come down with type 1 diabetes. Their younger daughter had already come down with this illness. Around the same time, Rob was informed that his income was to be reduced roughly 50% in order for Rob to keep his job.
Between the skyrocketing costs to treat their daughter’s conditions and losing 50% of their household income, they had no where to turn. They contacted their lender and made 3/4th’s of their monthly payment to survive. Little did they know their lender filed for foreclosure 3 months after them making partial payments. Their lender said the monies being sent wasn’t enough!
Within days of Homeowner Answers being introduced, foreclosure stopped and the lender decided to negotiate…The final negotiations ended up being a FULL SATISFACTION/FULL RELEASE and the Wood’s were able to move back to Phoenix with their family and care for their children worry free of foreclosure.

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