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Host Resistance against Diabetes

Host Resistance against Diabetes
Something is wrong in our treatment of diabetes.
In two presentations I explain why Diabetes theory promote a flawed treatment.
[Presentations:- Treatment accelerates Progression of Diabetes
– How to overcome Insulin resistance in Diabetes mellitus] An important study reveals that current diabetes treatment is flawed.
Diabetes is a multidimensional dynamic process . Blood glucose level is its projection, or mapping . Blood glucose is a “shadow” of the diabetes process. For us diabetes is the shadow and not the real disease which involves glucose metabolism. When treating diabetes we treat only its shadow and have not the slightest idea how treatment affects metabolism. Diabetes is a set of processes involved in the disease.. Process is the atom (unit) of this set.
Context are processes involved in production of glucose . Shadow describes this process and ignores context.

Wisdom of the body (WOB) is the set of processes in the body and their mutual control. It includes the diabetes set. Medicine lacks concepts and tools to handle the real and complex diabetes and therefore treats its shadow. Treatment affects the condition of the entire process and not only its shadow. Medicine regards hyperglycemia as essence of diabetes. Hyperglycemia and diabetes are synonyms. Since hypoglycemia is associated with rising hazard medicine postulates that rising blood glucose is hazardous. Medicine instructs:
Reduce blood glucose to Normal = HbA1c =5.5%.

Medicine states that diabetes results from a malfunction of blood glucose control. This is only a hypothesis. I prefer to blame the virus. The message is Host Resistance which is the property of WOB. It works in cancer and in any other disease


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