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How Artificial Sweeteners Cause Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity

According to the October 2014 issue of the journal, Nature, artificial sweeteners such as saccharine, Splenda, and Nutrasweet (aspartame) cause changes in the human microbiome (intestinal microflora) that lead to glucose intolerance (insulin resistance) within one week in more than half of the subjects of a small study. When stool from these people was tranplanted to mice, the mice developed insulin resistance. However, when stool from those people who did not develop glucose intolerance was transpanted to mice, it did not cause insulin resistance. Thus, the abnormalities causing the early changes of type 2 diabetes and of obesity were transmitted by the intestinal microflora!

It is ironic that artificial sweeteners that have low or no calories is causing the reverse effect of why they were introduced! Now we need to inform the American Dietetic Association, the American Diabetes Association, and MDs that articifial sweeteners should never be recommended. Let’s see how long it takes for these changes to come into clinical practice. Once again, follow the dollars if you want to understand how artificial sweeteners were approved by the FDA and endorsed by organizations with conflicts of interest.


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