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How Do You Know You Have Diabetes

How do you know you have diabetes? Visit my article link to see if this can help you.
If you feel you are showing any signs or symptoms of diabetes and would really not want to deal with that for the rest of your life then there is a chance that you can fix the problems yourself. You have the method to control it and even reverse it if you follow the correct steps.

Hi guys this is Jim from downloads 4 u.com
I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about diabetes type 2 and diabetes
in general. I think you found my video today with by typing and how do you know
you have diabetes. Part of the problem was I spent years as an emt and we’re
treating people and how to take care of them if they are having a diabetic
episode but for person that’s never really had that problem and so we’re
going to talk about a couple things and some of the stuff you should look at
when you go have a doctor check your blood sugar and check urine you know for
analysis and that kind of thing but if you start feeling a little bit weak if
you’re lack of energy or if you start shakin
and the only thing that fixes it a little bit of food then chances are you
need you know you need to look a little bit further and then have them
do the various basic tests just to kind of help you out a little bit so they can
see where you’re at

This is a major problem for a lot of
people and if it progresses it can lead to other stages and that includes you
know loss of circulation in extremities. I have had to transport them
in the past that have lost fingers and toes and mostly toes and and then whole
feet and you know and this is something you want to avoid. So, there is a place I
can show you that there is something that you have in your control that you
can work with on a daily basis and make the change. You can pretty much force
your body to kick over and change the way your pancreas works and
everything as an insulin production, and it’s all by diet so I
hope you don’t mind take a look if you want to put a link
right below the video and I like to see.

People, take a chance and expand their
mind a little bit outside of normal medicine. Go into something that’s more
than they do with diet control but there’s other ways of diet control that can help
you control diabetes so have a look and I think it’d be for you and I’m retired
now from emt work but one thing i did not like to see is a friend or people I
knew they were having problems like that and then because it’s so devastating
disease and and I do hope that you’ll take a look and I think it may help you
folks, have a good day.



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