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How Does Insulin Therapy Treat People with Diabetes

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor will suggest the best treatment to treat it. It depends on several factors including the level of blood sugar, whether you have diabetes complications or high blood pressure etc.

The treatment for diabetes will be customized to your particular needs. The experts in Diabetes Center make out the best treatment for you that have the least or no impact on your body.

Many people develop Diabetes, both Type 1 or Type 2, may require insulin injections. Insulin injection or called insulin therapy is a vital treatment for people with Diabetes. Understanding the key role the therapy plays in treating Diabetes Mellitus could greatly help you prevent complications, live a better life or even prolong one’s lifespan.

Before knowing how it works, we’d better to realize why insulin matters. Insulin is released into the blood stream when one consumes foods so as to help move glucose from foods into cells and made it be used as energy.

Insulin functions as:

Regulating the blood sugar levels

Storing the excess sugar for energy

If insulin secretor called pancreas fails to function well, two things would happen. One is the occurrence of high levels of blood sugar, and the other is people may always feel persistent fatigue and weakness. And? The most serious consequence of Diabetes is its horrible complications. The high blood sugar would affect not just the brain, heart, kidneys and other vital organs accounting for death.

How does insulin therapy treat Diabetes?

In people with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, insulin therapy could supplement this hormone because of the inadequate insulin production. By this way, the high level of blood sugar is treated. While in Type 2 Diabetes, insulin shots help their body respond well to the insulin and then it could be used for energy.

There are several types of insulin, they are:

Rapid-acting insulin

Regular or short-acting one

Intermediate-acting one

Long-acting one

Those are available that vary in how quickly and how long they work. More often than not, the doctor would probably recommend you more than one type after several factors are well elevated, such as glucose level, your illness and the fluctuations of your blood sugar etc. The shots can be given through your skin to the blood stream; what’s more, insulin pump works well and becomes a good choice in recent years.

Do pills and insulin shots are all we can do? Absolutely not! Immunotherapy could replace the shots and pump. Additionally, it could even solve the problem all-for-one, meaning Immunotherapy are able to correct the disease from root cause.

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