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How Exercise Can Help You Manage Your Diabetes

xercising as a diabetic can be tricky. However, a tailor-made programme that includes light exercise such as walking can help you achieve optimal health and fitness.

How exercise can help

With exercise and movement an essential component in the management of diabetes alongside diet and weight control, the Biokinetics Association of South Africa (BASA) urges the three-and-a-half million South Africans – about six percent of the population – who have been diagnosed with the disease to consult a biokineticist for advice on the most appropriate exercise programme.

With a further five million South Africans estimated to be pre-diabetic, BASA also advises everyone to have their glucose levels tested.

The benefits of an exercise programme for diabetics are:

– Improved glucose control and improved insulin sensitivity

– A reduction in medication required

– A decrease in body fat and the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases

– The prevention of type 2 diabetes

The most serious problem for people with diabetes mellitus who exercise is hypoglycaemia (also called low blood glucose or low blood sugar).


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