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How Much Weight to Give Your Scale

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with our scale. It’s an easy measurement of where we stand. But experts believe dieters may be reading it all wrong.

“I really think it’s a tool to keep you on track. But it’s not the only way we measure success,” says Lee Memorial Health System dietitian Carrie Bloemers.

She takes a broader view, counseling clients to look for health milestones. Like limiting cardiovascular disease or better managing diabetes.

“We also look at those conditions disappearing, the medications, maybe just the amount lowering or being taken off certain medications.”

Body mass index and percentage of weight loss are also telling figures. They give great insight into personal fitness. Dropping clothes sizes is another measure of results. Still, if you’re tied to the scale, you’ll want to give it the proper weight.

“You can definitely weigh too frequently,” says Bloemers. “Our weight fluctuates throughout the day, it fluctuates throughout the week. So looking at it as a week to week – measure consistent time of day and consistent clothing – can get a more accurate measure.”

It’s best to withstand temptation to micro-measure. Weigh in no more than once a week. And don’t celebrate or despair over results. Either one can drive you to blow your diet. Finally prioritize wellness goals.

“Your energy level, how you’re feeling. There’s so much more that goes into success than just that number,” says Bloemers.

Stepping back from the scale may take a load off your mind.

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