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How Safe are Diabetes Drugs?

Diabetes, is no doubt one of the most common illness around the world. There are numerous medicines that are associated with it yet, not all of them are effective and recommended by most Doctors. As a matter of fact, there are diabetes drugs that are dangerous to your health which causes death. Some of its side effects are hemorrhagic pancreatitis – also known as inflammation of the pancreas with bleeding, and necrotizing pancreatitis – in which the inflamed pancreas destroys itself.

Ever heard of Byetta – a drug also prescribed for diabetes and is given by injection. It is reported that FDA had 30 cases of acute pancreatitis by Byetta users.

Pancreattis is usually marked by abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and fever, and it can lead to potentially fatal complications including:

• Infection

• Respiratory failure

• Shock (extremely low blood pressure that can cause death within minutes)

• Pseudocysts and abscess, which may require surgery to treat

If pancreatitis becomes chronic, it can actually trigger several diseases, one of which is diabetes!

The truth is – You Don’t Even Need Diabetes Drugs!

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