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How should you change your diet for Diabetes?

Interviewer: All right Karen, we have a question here. Somebody was recently diagnosed with diabetes and they want to know how they should change their diet.

Karen Vincent: Okay, so that is the absolute all time, most frequently asked question upon diagnosis. Everybody has to eat every day for survival and it’s very easy to start thinking that anything is bad and nothing is good. So probably a good starting point with type 2 diabetes diagnosis is to try to eliminate fruit juices, soda pops, very high sugar sweet type liquids. Those are what instantly elevate the blood glucose levels and over the years that I worked with patients sometimes making that one simple change can actually normalize the blood glucose level.

Other tips would be to try to focus on smaller meals, especially watching the carbohydrate portions. So step away from large portions of pasta and big bowls of rice or cereal. There’s nothing wrong with those food but it’s helpful to decrease the portions as well as trying to increase the protein intake from meal to meal.

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