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How Splenda Helps Those Living With Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes is a life changing event. One of the ways diabetes can alter a person’s life is by suddenly having to adhere to a strict diet. These diets used to include foods that lacked sugar, resulting in less taste and enjoyment. In more recent years, sugar substitutes and a number of artificial sweeteners became available, but many of these substitutes had health concerns associated with them as well as issues with an aftertaste. Diabetes care has advanced through the years, and products such as Splenda have given diabetics more options both at the supermarket and in the kitchen.

Splenda helps make it possible to manage your diet by avoiding excess sugar and calories without having to sacrifice the taste. Splenda is an artificial sweetener, but it tastes similar to natural sugar. Splenda is created from natural sugar and this is one reason why it is used by individuals with diabetes.

Foods made with Splenda retain the sweet taste while providing the necessary health benefits required by a diabetic. The processing that the sugar goes through removes calories and carbohydrates, leaving the taste of the sugar behind. It also eliminates portions of sugar that causes problems for diabetics. The end-result is a sweetener that has the sweet taste of sugar without causing an increase in blood sugar levels or excessive calories that can lead to unwanted weight gain.

Because of the ever-growing popularity of low-sugar and low-calorie foods, a number of food manufacturers have started using Splenda in their products. Due to the availability of sugar-free and low-calorie alternatives to popular food items, individuals with diabetes are able to enjoy foods that they would otherwise have had to do without, including a number of soft drinks and snack foods. Although sugar-free versions of these items existed prior to the creation of Splenda, artificial sweeteners were used in these items that left a bitter aftertaste that limited their popularity. Now that many of these products are being changed to incorporate Splenda as a sugar substitute, it is almost as though an entirely new section of the market is being opened up for diabetics to enjoy.

With an increase in available food options and the availability of Splenda as a sugar substitute, it is much easier for diabetics to have complete control over their diet when cooking at home. This allows individuals with diabetes to eat foods they enjoy without having to worry about the effect that it may have on their blood sugar. It also presents them with the opportunity to cook a number of their favorite foods that they previously could not enjoy. Products such as Splenda make it much easier to control diabetes, since those with the disease no longer feel like they have to watch everything that they eat and they are able to live a more normal life.

Going out to eat has become more accessible to individuals with diabetes since Splenda became a popular sugar alternative. A number of restaurants have started using Splenda to make low-calorie and sugar-free menu items. The popularity of Splenda in restaurant settings seems to be growing by the day. This enables diabetics to enjoy a meal at their favorite restaurant without worrying about their health. It is even possible for them to order dessert and enjoy the same type of snack items that they enjoyed before being diagnosed with diabetes.

Splenda improves the taste of foods, but this is not the only way that it helps those who are living with diabetes. Splenda is also a no-calorie sweetener, meaning that it can be used to help control weight and prevent excessive weight gain. Since increased weight can be dangerous for diabetics, this property of Splenda can literally be a lifesaver. The use of Splenda not only improves the taste of foods for diabetics, but also improves the overall health benefits of the food.

By incorporating Splenda into a regular cooking routine, it is easy to prepare healthy meals that taste great. A solid diet that is low in calories and free of excess sugar can make controlling diabetes much easier, and can quickly help diabetics control their high blood sugar. When combined with careful monitoring of blood sugar, a healthy diet can reduce or eliminate the need for some or all diabetes management medications and can drastically improve the quality of life for those with diabetes.

If you are diabetic, Splenda and other sugar substitutes are an excellent way to enjoy your favorite foods. They are healthy alternatives that provide exactly what you need to enjoy food. Restaurants and special products at the local grocery store are using sugar substitutes. This makes it easy to enjoy many great foods once again.

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