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How To Accomplish Goals By Truly Putting Your Heart Into It

When the Holy Spirit heals it is not random; it is due to favoritism. Yes, that’s right, He favors you because He is you. He is the aspect of yourself that rules over the inner strength of your right-minded thoughts leading to perceptions, which ultimately shift forward to knowledge.

Many strive to figure it out through painful experiences of failing over and over again. I’ve found that the antidote rests in realizing the One Truth.

A Course in Miracles states, “The Holy Spirit’s Love is your strength, for yours is divided and therefore not real.”

No matter what stage in life you may or may not be of the many individuals who have the knack to put your heart into it when going all out to begin accomplishing goals. Going after your true calling might seem tougher than it is for others.

Reaching your full potential

Time certainly is involved, and the substance of inner strength and knowledge needed determines the amount of time the Holy Spirit will use. Thinking you can heal yourself without His inner strength and steadfastness and changelessness makes you an unhealed healer.

This begins giving you confusion over your thoughts when you’re in the process of setting and accomplishing goals, reaching full potential, which will give you trouble seeing results when you feel you must put your heart into it.

Free of conflict

Self-healing must be conflict-free and is necessary for wholeness. By acknowledging and making exceptions that you can sometimes heal yourself, and other times not, you place yourself into conflict and inconsistency. This will cause you to start forming core beliefs about yourself.

It might be of a few famous words of wisdom, or misinformed but well-meaning sentiments passed along to us by the world in an effort to help us build self-esteem. Because they lived a long life, or old adages said by an ancestor in your family who you believe was wise only

These so-called “esteeming” type messages we instill in our children, just as they were instilled in us, such as my favorite–one I’ve heard over and over: “You can do anything you wish if you put your heart into it.” If this is true, we might want to consider where it is our hearts truly are, or our love within has been all along.

How to have what you want in life

A Course in Miracles also tells us, “You can not trust your own love when you attack it.”

Why should I have to place my heart somewhere? “My heart is (or is not) where I want it to be” is a thought that always struck me.

How many times have you thought or said to yourself that, you’re “not willing to put your heart into it”?

Was it because you didn’t believe strongly enough? Truly, how hard must you believe in order to put your heart into it or place your heart somewhere other than where your heart already is?

If you can answer these questions truthfully within yourself, then you will know where your heart sincerely is, or is not. This is self-healing. It may only be for the time being that you discover the only place your heart truly is, is at a place that knows it is not where you thought it was.

How truthful is this?

To reaching your goals

Source by James Nussbaumer

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