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How to Avoid Eye Disease

We hear it over and over again, “the only way to a healthy lifestyle is through diet and exercise”.  So why do we continue not to take this advice?  Well, because a big greasy hamburger and chocolate milkshake often sounds better than a spinach salad and a glass of water.  Unfortunately our poor diet choices can lead to a multitude of problems including eye degeneration and disease.  So how do we stop it?

Cut down on sugary foods. I’m not telling you to cut it out completely because I wouldn’t do that myself.  But you should know that foods high in sugar content can lead to diabetes which can cause, among an array of other problems, glaucoma and cataracts.  Having a healthy diet full of vegetables and fruits can improve your eyesight and keep you healthy longer.  Eating fish twice a week can cut down your risk of eye disease by 40 %.  These are just a couple of suggestions from high-tech cell counter makers to help decrease your chances of damaging your eyes.  You don’t want to wait until your body tells you it can’t handle the choices you’re making any more.

Make sure you exercise. It doesn’t have to be that you’re immediately training for a marathon; just 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week can make a significant improvement in your health.  If you don’t enjoy jogging, try hiking or a brisk walk on the beach for 30 minutes, you’d be amazed at what little you have to do to keep yourself healthy.  You’ll cut your chances in half of developing diabetes and the increased blood flow will actually help you fight macular degeneration.

Exercise your eyes as well as your body. Make sure you’re not fixating on any one thing throughout the day.  Staring at things like computer screens or fine print documents can train your eyes to only see things that are near.  Try to look up every 10 minutes from what you’re doing and focus your eyes on far away objects.  This will give your eyes the depth perception they need to continue to see things from a far distance.

Source by Ryan Frank

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