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How to Boost Metabolism - Diet and Its Effect on Metabolism

Metabolic rate is different from individual to individual and is based on a number of aspects such as age of the person, sex, body composition, hereditary factors and a number of other factors both extrinsic and intrinsic. Anyone can maintain their metabolic rate healthy and good if the right balanced diet and regular exercise programs are followed.

To know more about metabolism one needs to know how the way in which the body utilizes and preserves energy. Energy is derived from the various food sources we consume. Foods have proteins, carbohydrates and fats in different levels and these are used by the body cells to create and store energy to perform various functions of the body. So, different food substances are required to maintain the metabolism at a healthy rate, but the proportion in which each one is consumed is still a matter of controversy.

As the diet is a vital factor for maintaining a healthy metabolic rate, even the timing of consumption of the food and the amount of food intake plays a role in regulating the metabolism. So, in order to preserve a healthy and good metabolic rate, everyone should not only eat a appropriate balanced diet they should also eat the proper quantity of food following a correct timetable.

For example, if you are following a good exercise program but are still putting on weight, you need to regulate your diet much better. Have a look at your daily calorie intake. Many people make the mistake of either starving or following unregulated crash diets that will not help in anyway to lose the weight but will cause malnutrition.

It is advisable to follow a diet that gives you not less than 1200 calories in a day as this amount of food intake is essential to maintain a healthy metabolism. But, care must be exercised to eat only nourishing and healthy foods to get the required calorie levels.

The pyramid diet chart is a good guide to help you with your diet. This has been advised successfully by the USDA as it satisfies the dietary requirements of an American. For more information about this diet plan, you can conduct an online search over Google and type in the keywords “Pyramid Diet”.

If a person wants to lose weight only developing a regular exercise program will not help. This has to be combined with the right diet plan to achieve the much loved result. Regulating the diet chart can be done in a much more professional way if the pyramid diet plan is used to guide you.

A doubt that frequently comes to many a person’s mind when reading up on diet and consulting diet charts is to understand the proportion of a ‘serving’. More information and advice about servings and their proportions can be found by conducting an online search on Google and accessing the National Institutes of Health (1998) and the American Diabetic Association Exchange Lists.

Everyone should follow some important pointers when trying to maintain a healthy metabolic rate by regulating the diet. These include the following:

– Breakfast is very important and should not be skipped.

– It is essential to consume six meals a day with every meal having small proportions.

– Avoid consumption of foods that have a high fat content.

– Eat more greens and lots of fruits.

– Include ample amount of fish in the diet.

– Avoid consumption of processed foods. Increase the intake of fibrous foods.

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