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How to Control Sugar / Diabetes Naturally? | Best Diet tips for reversing Diabetes

How to Control Sugar / Diabetes Naturally?
Best Diet tips for reversing Diabetes.

The most effective treatment for early type 2 Diabetes can be found in your fridge, says a health promoting website.
Neena, a 32 year old marketing executive in a reputed organization was terrified when she learnt that she was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2 during her regular checkup 10 years back. A mom of 2 kids, she was at risk of developing the disease because of being overweight, a positive family history and a sedentary lifestyle.
Panic-stricken, she started searching the web for the solution. She came across many videos and articles spinning around preparing natural mixtures to completely cure the diabetes without any lifestyle changes. Like many other Indian patients, seeking shortcuts to cure the disease unscientifically, she made no changes in her diet plans. She continued using the unproven methods shown in the videos for curing her problem.
Few years later, she developed blurring of vision, stiffness of shoulder joint and healing problems.
She rushed to one of her family physician to learn that her disease has worsened. A shooting Fasting and Post Prandial blood sugar levels and progressing HBA1C clearly indicated that it was time to quit the unproven methods of curing the Diabetes, and start with the scientific way of reversing Diabetes.
Hello friends,
I welcome you all to my channel. I am Dr Navneet Goyal, specialist in Critical Care & Anesthesiology.
And in this video, I will be discussing about the biggest medical problem of the century – DIABTES!

It’s absolutely possible to control diabetes with lifestyle changes if you’re willing to put in the work. Unfortunately, many patients don’t take the risks seriously and miss the opportunity to intervene when diet changes are most effective. People often search the web, looking for the complete cure of Diabetes, pick up most irrelevant methods from the videos, and finally land up on a dead end path, where someday they regret for not listening to the doctor!
Recently I have published a video regarding best 5 fruits for the diabetics. You can check the link here. It will give a good insight regarding what fruits actually help fighting Diabetes well.
Familiarize your daily routine according to the severity of the disease and its related complications.
Most experts agree that the Diabetes Diet Plan is a recommended commonsense method for measuring the healthy portion on your plate. Though there are many types of diet plans available for the obese and the diabetics, but most recommend the plate method. This goes as follows:
The plate should contain 50% of non starchy vegetables like broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, mushrooms, etc
25% of the plate should contain lean protein like beans, soya, fish, non fried chicken, low fat dairy products like yogurt, cottage cheese, and skim milk.
And rest 25% of the plate should contain slow digesting carbs like, peas, carrots, okra, zuchhini, fruits like apples, plums, pears and plums.
Heart problems are the major killer among the people with long standing Diabetes. And this type of diet plan heals almost all problems related to heart!
Don’t be fooled by the quacks and untrained people posting irrelevant material regarding the disease cure. Use your common sense. In the next upcoming videos, I shall be telling you about various diet plans to cut obesity, how to control high cholesterol levels, and much much more…
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Keep up with your balanced diet, walk daily and stay healthy. Thank you!


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