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How to Counsel Type 1 Diabetes Patients Who Exercise


For people with type 1 diabetes who want to exercise, and especially those who want to get into extreme exercise like running a marathon, you have to help them and guide them. You have to balance the insulin with glucose levels.

You have to have the right amount of insulin and match it with carbohydrates as best as you can.

The rule of thumb is that you always start exercise when your glucose level is above 90 mg/dL and preferably don’t start exercise if your glucose level is above 250 mg/dL because that means you are relatively insulin-deficient.

If you are starting at 90 mg/dL, you might want to take 10-20 g of carbohydrate before you start, even juice or something.

Then, the key is that you need to monitor the glucose in response.

If somebody is doing aerobic exercise like running or walking, and….
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