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how to cure diabetes naturally

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Dr. Max Sidorov says that diabetes is completely reversible without the need of taking drugs and pills, but the big pharmaceutical companies are trying to cover up the truth.

He further says that most doctors advise only about using pills, drugs, injections and surgery for the diabetes treatment and management, instead of recommending the cheaper way and more effective method.

And the reason is because they don’t make the pharmaceutical industry any money. If they can’t make money off it, they don’t tell you about it, Dr. Max Sidorov added.

According to The National Center for Health statistics, nearly 90% of American are nutrient deficient and nutritional deficiency increases the risk for a chronic disease like stroke, diabetes, cancer, obesity’s and arthritis etc.

The drugs will not help to triumph over diabetes, instead they kill most people today, only with proper nutrition will cure your diabetes diseases. The study of nutrition was removed from the medical school curriculum more than ninety years ago that’s why many doctors are not aware of this, as claims made by the book. http://tinyurl.com/TheBigDiabetes2


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