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How to Grow Taller Quickly and Naturally

If you are looking to grow taller, then chances are you have looked all over for a solution. You may have seen information about bone elongation surgery, magic pills, hypnosis and all sorts of other garbage out there. If you are looking for natural, effective and fast ways to grow taller, the only scientifically proven way to achieve this has been by focusing on the spine. Yes the spine. This is where most of your height comes from (other than your “long” bones in the legs). It stands to reason that this is where we need to focus since bone growth is impossible shortly after puberty.

Very early in life, we start to see postural problems develop in our spines. Poor posture and jobs that require us to sit for 8 hours a day are a major cause for this. We start to develop a “hunch” that progressively gets worse. In addition to this, vertebral compression and spinal degeneration contribute to our loss of height in the long run. We have all seen pictures of Grandpa when he was younger. He was also much taller.

Now back to the title. Yes you can grow taller quickly and naturally. If you follow a strict regimen of specific exercises along with proper nutrition you could see 2 to 4 inches of growth in a matter of a few weeks. This requires commitment (sorry, no magic pills here), but the results have been proven time and time again.

There are specific drills like the Cobra stretch and swimming that simultaneously straighten your posture while strengthening the muscles supporting your back. These drills are also very effective in lengthening and regenerating the cartilage between vertebrae giving added space between each vertebra and therefore making you taller.

Source by Carl Leblanc

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