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How to Know What Foods To Eat to Lower Your Blood Sugar

All of the health broadcasts today warn us of the rapid growth rate in the number of cases of Type 2 Diabetes in our country. With the rise in cases of Diabetes it has become more necessary than ever to learn ways to control blood sugar levels. More and more new drugs have become available to lower blood sugar levels, but along with them it is essential that Diabetics learn to eat foods that can lower blood sugar levels. In this article I will highlight some of the best foods for lowering blood sugar levels.

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First, besides adding great taste to food, onions whether cooked or raw are very good for Diabetics. Onions contain a compound similar to the ones that are used for producing insulin. Resulting in a reduced sugar level.

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Second, french beans or kidney beans are a wonderful food for Diabetics. They are very rich in protein and fiber and also contain some complex carbohydrates. When they are cooked properly they can be quite delicious. Researchers and doctors recommend beans for lowering sugar.

Third, lettuce is a perfect food for lowering sugar. It is very low in cholesterol and carbohydrates. It is essential for Diabetics to control cholesterol levels in order to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Fourth, tomatoes are shown to be a great food for everyone, but especially Diabetics. It lowers the sugar level in the urine which is essential for diabetics, but is also a great food to eat if you are trying to maintain good weight levels.

Fifth, soy beans are known to be an excellent food source that lowers blood sugar levels in both the blood and urine. Soy beans are low in carbohydrates, but an excellent source of protein. They are a wonderful food to include in your diet because of their versatility.

Sixth, brussels sprouts whether eaten by themselves or as a juice mixed from a blend of brussels sprouts and french beans lowers blood sugar levels. This blend influences insulin production therefore lowering levels.

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