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How to Know What Your Insulin Reading Should Be

Your diabetes meter is your lifeline as a diabetic. It’ll tell you what your glucose levels are so that you can adjust your insulin reading to a healthy level. However, there is no hard rule to make sure that your insulin levels are accurate, only general guidelines.

Every body is different and everybody metabolizes at different speeds. The key is keeping track of how your body reacts to carbohydrate intake, exercise, and insulin. Once you start to use your diabetes meter to measure glucose levels, you will understand your body better.

Consistency is key. Every day before ingesting food, you should test your glucose levels using a diabetes meter. Once you have tested and recorded your level with the diabetes meter, there are a few general rules to follow.

First, you should consult with your doctor to determine your basal levels of insulin. From there, you can make adjustments accordingly. If your glucose levels on the diabetes meter are higher than 200, you should add 2 mg of insulin to supplement your basal levels. If your glucose level is between 150 and 200, you should add 1 mg of insulin.

Your glucose levels on the diabetes meter need to be between 100 and 150. Stick to the basal levels of insulin as prescribed by your doctor. If the levels drop below 100 on your diabetes meter, subtract insulin from your basal levels accordingly.

Most importantly, be sure to track your progress and find out how your body reacts by using your diabetes meter. For more information visit to our site  at http://www.us-med.com

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