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How to manage Diabetic Retinopathy? - Dr. Sunita Rana Agarwal

It has been reported by international multicentres, random ethnic groups that yes, diabetes will lead to blindness. It has been reported that 80% to 90% of individuals with over 20 years will have some form of diabetic retinopathy. The end result of diabetic retinopathy is blindness. On today’s world, it has been the leading cause for blindness in the world. How do we manage this. Another bunch of statistics we have is, when we effectively treat diabetes, that is by keeping a glucose meter at home, treating it by having your tablets, insulin, diet, exercise etc, any and all of the above, we still have to treat diabetic retinopathy and that we can effectively do with the laser treatment on the retina or what we like to do is DNA gene therapy or autologous booster injections. What we do here is take on drop of the patients own blood, make that patients own fetal healthy DNA and that patients own stem cells and that we give as injections to the eye or to the body depending on what is the blood sugar level. We never want to give an injection below 100. So we will make the blood sugar above 100 and we do not want to give any injection above 200. So if the sugar level is between 100 and 200, we give eye injections. Otherwise we will be giving injections anywhere else in the body. What these injections do is try to decrease the progression of diabetes and when taken in a long duration, try to arrest and regress the diabetes.


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