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How to reverse borderline diabetes: You can reverse pre diabetes without drugs

It is possible to reverse borderline or pre diabetes without drugs or medication. The answer is to find the right diet but first you must understand that most diabetes diets do not work and here is why. The typical diabetes diet tells you to remove sugar and everything is going to turn around for you and this is a lie. There is not healing in a sugar free diet at all. It is not going to work to remove sugar from the diabetes because if you want to reverse borderline diabetes or reverse pre diabetes you have to heal the source.  

If you have high blood sugar it means that you have a insulin problem not a sugar problem and this should alarm you. It means your pancreas is dying out and you really don’t want this. Believe me it means pain in the body and maybe having your legs cut off. Millions who wait to reverse borderline or reverse pre diabetes lose their body parts painfully. Why do you think millions have become blind or had their fingers removed? It is because they waited to remove the poison blood glucose in the body. This poison spreads and you painfully lose the body.

You can reverse borderline or reverse pre diabetes without drugs or medication but you cannot wait. The average sugar free diet is not going to reverse diabetes it cannot help and it never has. Each year people start these sugar free diets and each year they do not heal and they can’t. There is one diet that has been reversing diabetes and you eat what you like. This diet fixes the insulin problem without medication. See it here reverse pre diabetes borderline diabetes

Do not wait to reverse this illness waiting will cost you the body. Only an insulin healing diet can work.

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