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How to Reverse Diabetes - Top 7 Natural Ayurvedic for Diabetes

Learn How You Can Start to Reverse Your Diabetes TODAY!

Defeating Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

Top 7 Natural Ayurvedic for Diabetes
Changing modern lifestyle, stress and lack of exercise are just few of the factors leading to the ever increasing boom of diabetes in India and worldwide. Once contracted, Diabetes being a chronic illness, patients are forced to depend on anti-diabetic medications for life.

1. Bitter gourd or Karela
a) Bitter gourd or Karela is considered as the remedy for diabetes and has the ability to control the activity of the alpha glucosidase enzyme and hyperglycemia (sugar levels). Add the sliced vegetable to a blender and make a juice. Drink one small glass of this juice first thing every morning.
b) Boil pieces of dried bitter gourd in a cup of water and drink this once or twice a day.

2. Tulsi (Basil Leaves)
Tulsi is packed with antioxidants and have essential oils that help lower blood sugar levels. Drink 2 tablespoons of juice extracted from the sacred tulsi on an empty stomach every morning.

3. Amla (Indian Gooseberry)
Amla (Indian Gooseberry), rich in Vitamin C, not only improves the functioning of pancreas but also have proveed to keep the blood sugar levels in control. Take 2 teaspoons of juice extracted from Amla mixed with water.

4. Fenugreek seeds
Fenugreek seeds has a number of health benefits. It can enhance the secretion of glucose-dependent insulin and is a high source of fibre. Soak the seeds overnight in water and consume in early morning in empty stomach for a few months.

5. Drumstick (Moringa)
Drumstick leaves are believed to be a store house of medicinal properties that can cure hundreds of diseases. It is rich in nutrients and is a powerful antioxidant. The consumption of leaves can keep the blood sugar levels in control and purify blood. Take a handful of tender drumstick leaves, blend them in a mixer and drink the juice every morning.

6. Cinnamon
Cinnamon has been proved to lower blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin activity. It contains bioactive components that can not only help prevent but also fight diabetes. Boil two to four cinnamon sticks in water and drink it daily.

7. Mango Leaves
Mango Leaves in 1 glass of water can help regulate insulin levels in the blood and improve blood lipid profiles.
a) Soak 10 to 15 tender mango leaves in water overnight and drink it early morning on empty stomach.
b) Dry mango leaves, grind and eat a teaspoon twice daily.

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