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How to Reverse Protein Leaking from Kidneys Naturally

Normally, the kidneys work to filter waste products from the blood while retaining useful substances, such as proteins, red blood cells, etc in the body. Usually, only trace amounts of small molecule proteins can be discharged into the urine. However, protein will leak from the blood into urine as a result of kidney disease with kidney damage. Is there any natural way to reverse this condition?

Among kidney diseases, glomerulonephritis is the leading cause of protein leakage. Besides, many diseases that in advanced stages can also damage the filtration system, as well as the reabsorption system. Thus, the charge barrier of glomerular filtration membrane is damaged, proteins are spilt out from blood, then present in urine. Diabetes, high blood pressure, allergic purpura, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc all can lead to kidney disease.

Chinese herbs for proteinuria

Chinese herbs that may help to reduce the amount of protein leaking through the kidneys and, as a result, work to maintain the health of the kidneys.

One such herb for proteinuria concerned by may kidney patients is cistanche. It aims primarily to tone up the tissue and muscle that support the kidneys so as to alleviate complication like incontinence, etc. In this way, we can reduce the workload of the kidneys, thereby, decrease the renal injury and protein excretion you present.

There are many Chinese herbs for proteinuria and kidney health. Before you adopt this alternative remedy, consult your doctor to ensure that it is safe to taking herbal remedies without causing further harm.

Natural herbal remedy for reversing protein leaking from kidneys

Chinese herbal treatment, known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, is a natural therapy which can help you reverse the leakage of protein from kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a brand-new therapy based on traditional Chinese herbal medicines dating back thousands of years ago. It combines the essences of herbal medicines and modern medical equipments and technology perfectly together to improve the medicine efficacy remarkably. It is an external therapy, in which the shattered medicines can be penetrated into kidney lesions directly and efficiently. 

This is an innovative therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Other than orally taking medicine, it is applied externally. It is created and used after more than twenty years’ research and clinical practices.

Effective ingredients contained in Micro-Chinese Medicine can work to block further kidney damage, promote the micro-circulation of whole body, and provide rich nutrition to accelerate the repairing of damaged glomerular filtration membrane.

After the kidney functions get recovered, the filtrating ability of the kidneys will become normal again. Protein leaking from the kidneys can be reversed successfully.

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