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How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally

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More About Reversing Type 2 Diabetes HERE http://bit.ly/2gewseL
We’ll Help You Along the Way

We don’t want you to go this path alone. Which is why you will get access to 30 days of free email help from our experts with any health questions you might have as you put our guide to use in battling your diabetes.
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Think about how much time and money you can save!

The average diabetic spends over $750 every year on medication, pumps, blood sugar monitors, testing strips, syringes, needles, foot care… imagine being free of this burden.
Monthly cost of dialysis treatments for diabetics is over $40,000
The time spent going to doctors, specialists, checkups – something you won’t have to do as often anymore.
Think about all the diabetic complications you can potentially avoid; heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, higher risk of cancer, amputations and so many other horrible ailments that many diabetics will face.

After releasing our book to be evaluated by doctors and other health professionals, we were told that we need to price this book in the hundreds of dollars because of the information inside. We were advised to sell it for $182.99. For the amount of work we put in, that price seemed fair. We know that the information in the book can save lives, but we don’t want to profit off others suffering. We did not start the International Council for Truth in Medicine to become rich, we simply want to help as many people as possible. http://bit.ly/2gewseL

This is why we settled on a bargain basement reduced price of just $77. But we don’t know how long we can keep the price so low. If our operating costs go up, so will the price of the book.http://bit.ly/2gewseL


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