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How to Soften Gallstones & pass at home ?

How to Soften Gallstones?

As a sufferer of gallstones, you must follow a proper method of treatment to soften the gallstones so that it can be completely flushed out. When the gallstones are passed completely, you will get permanent relief from the crippling pain on your abdomen as well as in between the shoulder blades. You will be relieved of the nausea also. You can opt for natural remedies which will soften your gallstones so as to dissolve them.

Surgical removal of gall bladder is very risky as it may cause severe consequences later.

When the enzyme called bile solidifies and blocks the bile duct, the bile will be unable to flow causing inflammation and pain. Bile is produced by liver for digesting fats and is stored in gall bladder. Bile solidifies due to excess of cholesterol or bilirubin in it. Excess cholesterol causes formation of cholesterol gallstones and excess bilirubin causes formation of pigment gallstones. Natural remedies can soften any type of gallstones found in both males and females.

There are various reasons for formation of gallstones. Since pregnancy, obesity and excess estrogen causes gallstones women are more prone to it. Excess of cholesterol, old age, fasting, low fiber high fat diet, frequent constipation and diabetes are the other reasons.

The common symptoms of gallstones are severe pain in between shoulder blades as well as over upper part of abdomen, indigestion, nausea, clay colored stools, dark colored urine and yellow tinge on skin and eyes.

You can prevent formation of gallstones by maintaining a healthy life style and healthy diet. Eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts, less carbohydrate and no junk foods. Take coffee and calcium phosphate. Drink plenty of water and do exercises regularly.

There are various methods of natural remedies for softening and flushing of gallstones. Being natural treatment they are very safe methods and will not cause any side effects. Here are a few examples of natural remedy for softening the gallstones.

Drink apple juice for two days before going to bed. On the second day night drink a mixture of 3 ounces of fresh lemon juice and 3 ounces of dark olive oil. If you are having small sized gallstones, they will be softened and passed the next day.

Drink two teaspoons of Quebra Pedra herb in 500 ml water daily for 2 months.

Drink a mixture of 125 ml each of dandelion juice and watercress juice twice daily.

Drink fresh juices of beets, carrot and cucumber twice daily.

Natural remedies for softening gallstones are very fast in action. They will flush out your gallstones completely within a short period of time and you will be permanently relieved from the crippling pain.

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