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How to treat Type 1 Diabetes

How to treat Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes treatment is a great blunder of medicine. It causes hypoglycemia which threatens the patient I shall describe a treatment that does not cause hypoglycemia.
Two explanations for rising blood sugar
1. Medicine : Malfunction of blood glucose control
2. Alternative: Protects the brain.
Brain protection is most pronounced in starvation:
Muscle atrophy has two interpretations:
1. Medicine: Pathology
2. Alternative: Protects brain.
Starving human being embodies a law of nature. “By all means keep brain running!” All along starvation organs relinquish their resources to keep brain functioning. Diabetes mellitus is an ongoing effort to keep brain running. Diabetes therapy deprives brain from this privilege and it sinks into clinical hypoglycemia. Starvation illustrates the general flaw of medical reasoning:
Medicine regards symptoms as pathologies.
Medicine treats symptoms and ignores the whole.
Pathology is a misnomer since most pathologies are protective measures which I call repair

I believe that diabetes is a viral disease which will be cured with viral interference.
1. Keep brain running
2. Slow down progression
3. Boost host resistance
4. Diabetes is a new life. Make it better.
I believe that ketogenic diet may keep brain running not only in diabetes, also in Autism, Schizophrenia, Parkinson, Dementia, Coma


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