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How Weight Loss Surgery Puts Diabetes Into Remission

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Most likely one of the reasons you have had bariatric surgery or are thinking about it, is the effects it has on type 2 diabetes. Nearly all patients who have bariatric surgery show improvement in their diabetic state through lowered blood sugar and by corresponding reduction in the dosage and type of medication required. Many patients show improvement in blood sugar levels within seven days after surgery. Yet, despite such promising possibilities, you may wonder just how this procedure alleviates or even eradicates type 2 diabetes in some individuals.

In 2011, the International Diabetes Foundation issued a position statement on bariatric surgery that promoted its use for treatment of type 2 diabetes based upon he positive effects of the procedure as noted in several studies. The statement calls for bariatric surgery to be considered as an early treatment for patients. Furthermore, the statement also noted that bariatric surgery for weight loss is also cost-effective in treating type 2 diabetes. Risk and complication rates are comparable to surgeries like gallbladder removal, making it a safe option.


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