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Hypoglycaemia Prevention with Oral Dextrose (hPOD)

We are starting the hPOD trial within the next few months. The hPOD trial is an follows on from the Sugar Babies Study. If we can treat hypoglycaemia with dextrose gel can we prevent hypoglycaemia from happening all together?

The aim of hPOD is to determine whether dextrose gel reduces NICU admission. This is important because NICU admission separates mum and baby and interferes with establishing breastfeeding in those first critical days after birth. NICU admission also has a significant cost to the healthcare system.

hPOD will be recruiting babies who are at risk of hypoglycaemia, because their mother has any type of diabetes, because they are small or large for gestational age, or because they are late preterm (35-37 weeks). Mothers will consent before delivery and baby will be randomised within an hour of birth.

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