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Improving Diabetes Care in Brazil with Medtronic

According to the International Diabetes Federation, Brazil has the fourth largest number of people with diabetes globally, with an estimated 11.6 million Brazilians living with the disease. Social and cultural norms continue to stigmatize those living with diabetes.
Based in São Paulo, Brazil, the Brazilian Juvenile Diabetes Association (ADJ) aims to change this. The association promotes awareness about the disease and offers free care to patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes. Thanks to a Medtronic Health Access grant, ADJ has been able to scale up its health care services, as well as its outreach to at-risk communities.

ADJ offers a wide range of programs for all ages including camps for kids with diabetes, a clinic with free dental and podiatric care, workshops on nutrition and insulin injection as well as one-on-one meetings with physicians.

With funding from Medtronic and technical support from the Pan American Development Foundation, the association was able to upgrade their website to offer a range of multimedia resources for people living with diabetes, including free screening tools.
By sensitizing and educating more Brazilians to the issue of diabetes, ADJ is able to break down stigmas while helping patients access treatment and information. This has helped them increase their reach and raise awareness about diabetes throughout Brazil.


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