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Inflammatory Foods List – Avoid These Foods to Eliminate Inflammation

Most of the time, when people complain about inflammation, they talk about swollen and inflated joints, muscles and loss of flexibility and mobility. But chronic inflammation in your body can cause other diseases too – Some of them can be life threatening – Like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more.

Your body has amazing tools to fight inflammation, but when your lifestyle interrupts with these “tools” and with the normal function of your body – Inflammation accumulates and your body just can’t keep up anymore.

What Causes Inflammation to Build Up in Your Body?

Inflammatory foods list is not the only thing to worry about when you want to eliminate inflammation from your body. It also depends on how much sleep you get at night (during the day doesn’t count), your physical activity and even your daily stress level.

Step #1 – Check Your CRP Levels

C-reactive protein (CRP) is produced by the liver. When its levels are rising, it means there’s a systemic inflammation in your body. It just takes a simple blood test to find out your CRP levels and than you’ll know just about how much inflammation you have. If you suffer from pain, you probably already have anti-inflammatory drugs and maybe you have received steroids. But there are NATURAL ways to fight inflammation – and they are very effective if you do them right – and they don’t have side effects at all.

Inflammatory Foods List

When it comes to naturally eliminate inflammation and pain, the food you ear is a critical peace of the puzzle. We usually consume too much fat, sugar, processed foods and red meat and not enough vegetables, fruits and whole foods. All of these inflammatory foods increase inflammation and lead to obesity and generally living a life of pain and discomfort. Avoiding inflammatory foods is the first step in eliminating inflammation and the pain – naturally. This is the inflammatory foods list:

  1. Sugar, from any source
  2. Oils such as vegetable and corn
    Fast Foods
  3. Processed foods
  4. French Fries
  5. Pasta
  6. White bread
  7. Ice Cream
  8. Cheddar Cheeses
  9. Soda, caffeine and alcohol
  10. Snack foods

Step #2 – Foods That Fight Inflammation and Natural Anti-Inflammatory

It’s not enough to avoid inflammatory foods as much as possible. You can help your body much more by giving it what it needs to function properly and get rid of the inflammation and the pain fast. If you are in a lot of pain you can get faster relief with a natural anti-inflammatory supplement. This way you can relieve your pain naturally and without the side effects.

This is the list of anti-inflammatory foods that you can start eating today: Alaskan Salmon, green tea, olive oil, fresh whole vegetables and fruits (5 different colors of vegetables every day), nuts and seeds, oatmeal, water, turmeric and ginger (spices), dark green leafy vegetables. If possible – only lean poultry and once a week only!

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