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INFOWARS.COM News Headlines For Wednesday 11/2/16: Links Below In The Description

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From Alex Jones Show & The Infowar

Report: One New Immigrant for Every Two U.S. Births in 2015

‘Libertarian’ VP Bill Weld Vouches For ‘Honest’ Hillary, Says ‘We Should Just Ignore’ Email Scandal

SHOCK VIDEO: Unhinged Hillary Explodes On Bill ‘Rapist’ Protester

Trump And Clinton Have Both Assembled An Army Of Lawyers To File Lawsuits And Contest The Election Results

REVEALED: Liberal Money’s Longterm Strategy To Control Public Opinion And Secure ‘Advantageous’ Demographics

Two Iowa Police Officers Killed In “Ambush-Style Attacks”, Gunman On The Loose

Former British Ambassador: Podesta Emails Leaked by Washington Insider, Not Russians

Child Rape Victim Speaks Out Against Hillary Clinton

Soft Coup By Patriot Americans Is Happening

Confirmed: US Intel Operatives Leaked Clinton Campaign Emails, Not Russia

Left-Leaning Poll: Trump More Honest Than Hillary

Top Hillary Donor: Black Trump Supporters ‘Seriously F***ed in The Head’

Roger Stone And Trump Are Being Sued By The DNC In Five States

Video: Obama Says Vote For Hillary Or You’re A Sexist

Election Fraud: Beware of Early Network Projections next Tuesday

Bill Clinton’s Son Holds Explosive DC Press Conference

October Gun Sales See Massive Spike, Set Yet Another Record

RATS ON A SINKING SHIP: FBI Targets 5 Clinton Camp Cronies

Hillary Clinton Goes Full Tin Foil Hat

WikiLeaks Releases 26th Batch of #PodestaEmails from Clinton Campaign Chair

Putin Warns European Countries Have “No Future” if They Continue to Accept Migrants

12 Year Old Girl Who Was Raped And Tortured Confronts Hillary Clinton

Alibaba Generates More Revenue than Amazon and eBay Combined

Empathy Is Proof Of Consciousness: Alex Jones And Gerald Celente

Flashback: Clinton Played Golf at Whites-Only Course

Flashback: Clinton Played Golf at Whites-Only Course

USDA Approves 2 New Types Of GMO Potatoes

Just THINKING About Mobile Devices Disrupts Kids’ Sleep

Busted! Armed State Trooper Guards Election Fraud Mastermind

The Rise of Mandatory Vaccinations Means the End of Medical Freedom

FBI Debunks Trump’s Connection To Russia

Large insurer says it might drop ObamaCare in 2018

Massive Evidence Of Election Fraud By Hillary

Danney Williams Press Conference: Bill Clinton Is A Deadbeat Dad

Navy Sends Ballistic Missile Submarine to Guam

Donald Trump’s Speech From Valley Forge

Woolly Mammoth Remains Linked to Ancient Humans

Libertarian VP Candidate tells North Carolina Supporters to Vote Hillary

Delta Force Creator Reveals Coup Against Hillary

Crescent Moon to Pass 3 Planets in One Week

Sun in Solar Minimum with Just One Spot

Type 2 Diabetes Now a Childhood Disease

Five Ways to Support Sore Muscles

Cold War 2.0: Sweden Permanently Deploys Troops to Strategic Island

Insider: FBI Uncovered Clinton Criminal Enterprise on Weiner’s PC

‘Pillars of Destruction’: Mesmerizing images reveal interstellar activity

‘Pillars of Destruction’: Mesmerizing images reveal interstellar activity

The Truth About The Clinton Pedophile Ring Exposed

Racist Obama Almost Doubled Black Unemployment Under His Reign

MSM Caught Preparing Graphics Showing Hillary Victory

— November 02, 2016

Thanks to Alex Jones and the whole INFOWARS Crew.

Ron Gibson (11-2-16)
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