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Insulin Delivery Systems Market Analysis (2008-2012) Report by Marketsmonitor.com

The increasing number of diabetes patients globally is proving a boon for diabetes drugs market. The number of diabetic patients in the world is estimated to reach more than 250 Million in 2008. The governments worldwide are taking initiatives on various research and development projects in order to improve drug delivery techniques. This may be beneficial in terms of growing consumer base in developing countries like India and China. The main requirement of present market is to develop efficient delivery methods at low cost and this may change the scenario of the industry.

Our recent research study, “Insulin Delivery Systems Market Analysis (2008-2012)”, states that currently the insulin market is characterized by emergence of new drug delivery devices with improved technology and this trend is likely to continue in next few years also. As a result, global insulin market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of around 15% during 2010-2012. Anticipating the future growth, pharma giants are making investments in active R&D to increase their market share.

Our report highlights that the insulin market, driven by the increasing prevalence of diabetes, is presently witnessing robust double-digit growth, thus pushing strong demand for insulin delivery devices. Most of the insulin today is available in injectable form through syringes, pens, pumps and needle-free devices; however, the pain and inconvenience caused by most of these devices are driving pharmaceutical companies to discover other ‘painless’

modes of insulin delivery, particularly oral methods. But, on the other hand, a low cost factor is also playing a major part in success of new drug delivery methods.

The report provides extensive information and rational analysis on the global insulin market as well as insulin delivery methods. Thus, it provides valuable information to pharmaceutical and biotech companies and investors looking to enter this market. Analysis and statistics regarding market size, growth, share, regulatory environment and trends in technology development have been thoroughly analyzed in the report to provide clients a comprehensive overview of the market.

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