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Interview with Renowned International Spiritualist Medium and Healer Phil Solomon

*If the video becomes grainy, click on settings (little wheel at the bottom right) and change quality to 720 or 1080.

Interview with the wonderfully witty, renowned international spiritualist clairvoyant medium, healer, author, astrologer, broadcaster, investigator of the paranormal, hypnotherapist and ordained Minister of the New Spiritualist Society Philip Solomon.

This interview covers the following:-
– Intro clip – Spiritualism – what Phil believes it is
– Growing up as a kid, and his experiences with the spirit world, both his parents were spiritual and his mother was a medium and president of Darlaston Spiritualist Church
– The difference between psychic mediums many years ago and today – as the old mediumship seems to be slowly fading
– Hans Holzer – (1920 – 2009) – paranormal researcher and author of 250 books who said Phil is the greatest medium of this time, and author of the Amityville Curse
– Clip of the Amityville Curse – 1989 (looking at it now, it looks comical)
– His book co-written with Hans Holzer – Beyond Death – Conditions in the Afterlife where Phil received messages from Elvis, Princess Di, Judy Garland, Al Capone, and Marilyn Monroe to name a few
– His book ‘The A-Z of Spiritualism’ and his autobiography of his life, ‘Guided by the Light’
– Clip from ‘Psychic Livetime’ from 1996 showing Phil Solomon and Derek Acorah on Granada Breeze
– Events at the haunted ‘Ye Old Toll House’ in Walsall with Philip
– Phil was known as the ‘Agony Uncle’ for the Wolverhampton Express and the Star newspaper
– Difference between a Ghost and a Spirit
– The haunted painting at 18:37 mins – painter unknown, but for those that have had it hanging, it always fell off the wall. Look at it and see what you can find
– Paranormal investigations and haunted buildings
– Earthbound spirits and how he’s helped them
– Clip with Phil of the haunted pub Naughty Nells (Shropshire) and the Grand Theatre (Wolverhampton)
– Why he chose this path
– The importance of doing a basic counseling course when embarking on the path of becoming a medium
– He taught psychic awareness and psychic development at Adult Learning Centers for 8 years before it was axed
– His dream of creating a centre
– Talking about past lives, being a Viking, a monk, and a footman, the importance of learning thereof and his mother being adamant that he was Henry VIII in one of his past lives
– Book on past lives, what happens when we die and reincarnation by Claire Candy Hough, ‘One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness’
– What life means to Phil
– Spirit-Seeker 2018
– How to connect with Spirit – the importance of opening up and closing down – grounding
– Exercise for those going through challenging times
– Last words of advise

For more information and to contact Phil Solomon:-
FB: philip.solomon.79


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