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Introducing The Good Food Truck

“This mobile grocery store will be ‘the ice cream truck for health’” – Sara

Help bring ‘The Good Food Truck’ to the Greater Delridge Community, Seattle, Washington.

It’s GOOD FOOD, Hot Health, Jobs Skills and Education all rolled into one very COOL TRUCK: chrome on chrome on stainless steel with full-color graphics, STUFFED with DELISH Organic Good Foods! It’ll make someone who has been drinkin’ Coke® and shovin’ down LAYS® say, “I’ll have some of THAT new stuff! I don’t know what it is, but anything THIS COOL has got to be the thing to do, and I’VE just got to have some of it!”

Nutritionists, dietitians, researchers, healthcare providers, policy makers, and Departments of Public Health have been stayin’ up late at night, tossin’ and turnin’, wringing their hands for years wondering how to get healthy foods into Neighborhoods. Their concern is the lack of access to affordable, healthy food in underserved communities, food deserts and the health disparities that follow. And you know them all: diabetes, obesity, heart-artery, cancers, etc., etc., etc., never-ending … until we end it!

So what do WE do: The Good Food Truck, bringin’ Organic Good Foods, Fruits & Vegetables right into the neighborhoods where they’re needed! If we’re concerned about the ‘nutrition’ of our neighbors, why ask them to come to us. Let’s just go to them! Let’s just make it reeeaaalll easy for them to make The Good Food Choice for their own GOOD HEALTH!

Organic Good Foods, Summertime Barbeques, cookin’ MUSIC & Star Chefs!

Honk! Honk!

Listen for GOOD LiViN’ comin’ down your street!

To Your Health!
Miranda Taylor, L.Ac, EAMP, M.TCM, Dipl. Ac
The Good Food Truck™
Take a Ride with …
The Good Food Truck™
MAIL: The Good Food Truck™
6400 Sylvan Way SW
Seattle, WA 98126
E-Mail: TheGoodFoodTruck@hotmail.com
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“Thanks!” … Miranda

۰ Our “Introducing The Good Food Truck” Video Premiered At The White Center Art Walk Film Festival ۰

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