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Is Itchy Skin sign of Diabetes? - Dr. Swetha Sunny Paul

Diabetes mellitus is the most common disorder of the endocrine system which is human system, it basically affect the blood vessels and sugar metabolism. It can have various effects on the skin and itching parse is not just generalized to Diabetes mellitus. There are lot of causes of itching but if you suspect that you have diabetes these are the skin condition that you should look for. First of all you should see whether you have any repeated infection mainly fungal infections there is a entity called candidiasis which leads to white patches ither in the mouth or genital area and you can have white discharge from the area so that one thing to look out for. You can have other fungal infections in other body parts as well, you can have bacterial infections specially cups and wounds that get infected quickly and don’t heal very fast, you can have repeated viral infections as well especially cold source on your lips are various other viral infection herpes zoster. You can even have other signs of diabetes like waxy looking skin especially on the back of the hand, on the forehead, you can have something changes on your leg such as diabetic dermopathy which leads to Brownish spots. You can have cuts and wounds over the feet and fingers that you don’t notice, this is due to damage to the nerves this leads to reduced sensation in that area and you don’t realise when you get cuts. So these are few things that you look out for if you do have diabetes mellitus.


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