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JA-CHRODIS diabetes webinar

The fourth JA-CHRODIS webinar focused on the results of the diabetes work package.


32 million EU adults (8.2%) had diabetes in 2013, and this number could rise to 38 million by 2035. Diabetes is the fourth most common cause of death in Europe.

The effective treatment and management of diabetes calls for comprehensive approaches to care that empower patients and enable them to self-manage their disease to the best possible extent. There are good models across the EU on the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes, that can serve as an example to others and that can also apply to other chronic diseases.

The Diabetes work package addresses the challenge that the burden of diabetes places on health systems and individuals. Its principal objective is to improve coordination and cooperation among Member States to act on diabetes, including the exchange of good practices across the EU. Special emphasis is given to support the development and implementation of National Diabetes Plans.


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