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Jiaogulan herbal tea from Thailand

Organic Gynostemma Pentaphyllum from the Himalayan Foothills in the North of Thailand. Sample our award-winning Jioagulan by visiting us at http://www.AumTea.com or http://shop.aumtea.com

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Sa-wa-dii-Kop! Hello, I’m Marc Cofer with the Aum Tea Company in the north of Thailand.

We produce the most natural Super-Food Beverage I know of on the earth called Jiaogulan. You can tell that this is a living, health-giving plant from the very first sip.

There really is something special about it.

Our philosophy behind producing Jiaogulan is simple. We grow it at the top of mountains in the fresh air, where the soil is rich.

Our production process is just as simple. We do everything that we can to keep the natural goodness inside the plant. We dry it in the sun, we heat it at a low temperature so that we preserve all of it’s active ingredients, and we roll it, like a super fine tea.

What you get with our Jiaogulan is 100% natural ingredients, living and alive inside the plant itself.




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