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Jose Dominguez Demo Reel

Title: Jose Dominguez DEMO REEL 2013/2014
Genre: Action, Documentary, Musical
Job title/roll: Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Crane/Jib Operator
Location: New Jersey
Description: Throughout the past year I’ve had the privilege to work with many different actors and artist from film, Tv, Music and reality. One of my favorite projects has to be the music video shot just last week of a man named Scotty L who runs a tribute band called “The Johnny Cash Show”. They are all down to earth musicians who know how to bring back old School Cash songs as well as Elvis Presley. Another project I directed and shot two episodes for was a well written piece titled “The Cynicist” about a show host named C.C Stark who reveals the truth with in people who hide behind the shadows of lies and deception.

I did a recent documentary called Everyday Inspirations Part 1 of a man who spent half his life in prison and now is making his living through the art of tattooing. He suffers from various conditions including a serious case of diabetes.

One of the funniest projects so far I have to say was the short cinematic trailers we had to do called “A Silent War” and the sequel “Invasion of Delta 929” Both action and fun to film. I enjoyed all my work so far and so far 2014 is full of cool projects.

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