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Just My 5 Cents Worth About The Fast Food Industry

Just sitting here in McDonald’s downing 2 Big Macs with extra sauce along with a Super Sized Fry and liter of Coke and the rush I get from biting into this is amazing…almost like a drug!  Ok, I’m only kidding. I’m NOT sitting in McDonald’s.  I’m at one of my normal The-Thoughts-Just-Flow-When-I’m-Here spots…Borders Bookstores (I don’t drink coffee like I used to but when I do stop and enjoy a straight black cup of speed, I just get the need to brain vomit words onto the computer screen.)

I had no intentions on writing a post today but noticed that I had to pass around 6-7 fast food joints on my way here to Borders.  Now that may not sound like a lot but the trip from home to here is only FOUR MILES. That’s more than one fast food place per mile.  It’s pretty crazy when you think about it but at the same time, it’s easy to understand why so many people get “addicted” to fast food in this country.  It’s EVERYWHERE and yes, I did use the word “ADDICTED.”  Most may think that’s kind of extreme but think about it.  When you are craving something  to eat, stressed at work, just going through a breakup, decided to skip the gym because your too tired and want a quick “fix”, most will head directly to a drive thru line and load up.  Nowhere else can you spend no longer than 3-5 minutes in line without even GETTING OUT OF YOUR CAR and get 2500 calories in a bag you can hold with one hand.

I’m not preaching here.  Growing up and even in my adult years (I guess I’m an adult now…I mean, I can eat something before dinner and not hear about spoiling my appetite and I can drive with the air conditioning on full blast and the windows down and no one fusses so yeah, I’m grown!) I have enjoyed fast food.  It was never to a level that some get to as far as going every other day and I strongly limit intake now to RARE occasions (although I’ll still never eat beef or pork again) but when I used to eat from the full menu, it’s honestly a rush.  It used to feel GOOD to bite into a Double Whopper w/ Cheese…sauce dripping.  Have a large fry and onion rings bathed in grease.  Down it with 100 grams of sugar.  I’m a personal trainer and I always felt that hey, it’s not everyday like some and I work out a lot so I still look in good shape but internally, I knew I was doing damage to my body.  Ever since we started our mainly Raw Eating journey and cut out processed foods, 95% of dairy and all beef and pork, I feel ALIVE. It’s easy to see why so many struggle with it.  It’s readily available, cheap and on every corner.  Drug dealers don’t get this much exposure.

Meanwhile, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other deadly diseases are on the rise.  It’s no coincidence that this is occurring at the same time that more and more fast food places are popping up.  We can’t depend on government to address this.  Everyone knows what the leading cause of disease and obesity in this country are and it’s diet.  They will pass initiatives that tell kids and adults to be more active for 30-60 minutes per day but let’s be real:  If you continue to eat this poison and think “30 to 60 minutes” of being active will help, your in for real disappointment.  Even if you are able to keep the scale from yelling at you to “please step off!”, you are KILLING your body inside.  There is a reason the avg. life expectancy drops every generation.  More processed foods = earlier death.  We here in the US live in one of the wealthiest countries in the free world yet we LEAD the world in heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  If our government really wanted to help, they wouldn’t allow us to be poisoned in the first place!

For those who hate looking in the mirror, can’t stand to look at the scale and are tired of buying new clothes or just tired of being sick, take the first step and HELP your body internally.  If you are one who is “addicted” to food, STOP and/or slow down.  If you usually eat it 3-4 times per week, make a goal to cut out one day per week for the next week.  The following week, cut out another day.  Keep cutting until you no longer eat it at all.  It’s just like someone trying to get off drugs, smoking, drinking, etc.   Don’t get fooled into thinking it’s any easier because it’s just food because it can be even worse than other addictions.  Fast food is completely legal, cheap and marketed to you DAILY.  It simply comes down to just saying NO.  Once you have given your body even just a 1 month break from eating anything processed or unnatural, you will be AMAZED at how your body functions, how aches and pains that used to be there are no longer there, how much more energy you will have, how much more “regular” you will become and just an overall feeling of LIFE!  It’s definitely a struggle and I am constantly fighting it daily just like anyone else so I know how it is!

TRY IT!  If you need motivation or help, CONTACT ME and I can help.  I have all type of tips you can use to help wean off of foods that are dangerous for you.  I only started this blog to truly try to help others live a healthy life worth living!

Till next time…


Source by James D. Clark

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