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Juvenile Diabetes Cure

uvenile diabetes is a chronic disorder caused by the body?s inability to manage sugar or glucose and store it properly to be used as fuel. When the body can?t efficiently break down glucose to be absorbed by the cells, it stays in the blood and causes health problems. An estimated one hundred and twenty individuals worldwide have diabetes, of which, approximately 3 percent have juvenile diabetes. It is projected that juvenile diabetes affects one in every 7,000 children per year. More cases reported concern individuals who are less than twenty years old.

Type 1 diabetes and juvenile diabetes are the same. The term juvenile refers to the onset of the disorder which begins in childhood. Children who are diagnosed to have juvenile diabetes depend on insulin to equip their body with the necessary insulin levels to convert food into energy. Research conducted by medical practitioners and scientists indicate that juvenile diabetes is an autoimmune disorder. Autoimmune disorders are characterized by the breakdown of the body?s immune system, which directs the immune response of the body toward fighting its own defenses.

Symptoms in Children

The early signs and symptoms of the disease include:

  1. Frequent thirst and desire of sweet drinks as child suffering from diabetes urinates very often.
  2. Unusual urination due to high level of glucose in the blood as when there is high level of sugar in the body kidneys start getting rid of it.
  3. Irritability and changes in the behavior.
  4. Sudden drop in the weight of the child because body uses fat and proteins for energy in place of glucose.
  5. Extreme fatigue and weakness in the child.
  6. Changes in the eyesight the child may have blurred vision.
  7. Acute symptoms as nausea and vomiting.
  8. Increased appetite in the child.
  9. In untreated and undiagnosed cases diabetic acidosis is seen also known as diabetic coma.
  10. Child may complain of dry mouth and throat
  11. Pain in abdomen.

Juvenile Diabetes Cure

I wanted to take the time to talk to you about the juvenile diabetes cure. This is a horrible problem for people to have and it is twice hard for children to have it. Diabetes is a condition where the body is unable to properly produce insulin or isn’t able to properly respond to insulin. A lot of people don’t view this as a serious problem. They assume a person just has to check their blood sugar through the day and that’s about it. This is a really dangerous problem. Diabetes can lead to blindness and can lead to a person losing their limbs. It is extremely dangerous problem people have. I’m going to share with you the juvenile diabetes cure.

The main culprit of this problem is all the refined sugar that is in our food. It’s almost impossible to find something without it. A lot of people like to blame genetics on this problem and genetics probably does, but if people weren’t eating the amount of refined sugar to begin with, there wouldn’t be a problem. What happens with this sugar is that it causes the insulin in the body to spike and than crash.

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