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Keeping Your Blood Sugar Level With in Normal Range

In simple terms, diabetes is a disease wherein the body is unable to produce as well as process or breakdown glucose. This results to too much glucose coursing through the blood stream. In its broken down form, this glucose is absorbed by the different cells and serves as its source of energy.  A number of glycogen, a processed glucose, is stored by the body in the liver as well as muscle tissues.

Diabetes can either be insulin dependent and non-insulin dependent. The former is more common among children and young adults while the latter is more prevalent in adults and elderly. The cause of both types, however, has long baffled scientists and doctors the world over.

One of the curses of having diabetes is the need to regularly keep your blood sugar level in check. This usually means drastic changes in one’s lifestyle. You would need to undergo a number of physical activities that include aerobic exercises as well as resistance training, and you would also need to make sure that your diet consists mainly of fiber and whole grain.

One other thing that you need to regularly do is to have your blood sugar level checked. Fortunately, this can be done within the confines of your own home with the use of the various portable glucometers available in the market today. These glucose meters usually come with contour strips, a lancing device, and lancets.

When having your blood sugar level tested, the first thing that you need to do is to wash your hands with warm water and soap. Pat your hands dry and have your glucometer ready. Most devices would usually require you to load the lancet on a lancing device. You then put the finger you intend to draw blood from on top of the lancet. Once blood has been draw, you can use any of the contour test strips to absorb your blood. These strips usually have high capillary capabilities that allow for faster absorption with as small as .06 samples of blood. The strip is then loaded to the meter which analyzed the blood and gives out a reading.

Normally, if the reading from your contour test strips indicates a blood glucose levels within 70 to 150 mg, you are considered to be within normal range and you should strive to keep it that way. If the figures are beyond this range, you might either be hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic.

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