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KFIT Health's Mission

KFIT Health is on a mission to end the epidemic of childhood obesity.

We want to give our younger generations a chance at living a long and fulfilling life.

“Right now, about 1 in 3 children are overweight and we are starting to see adult diseases such as diabetes and hypertension in our children. We know that the way to reverse these changes is by improving their eating habits and getting them active.

At KFIT Health, we want to help you improve your child’s health through educational tools and products that will teach them about nutrition and physical activity.”

The responsibility lies on us as parents, teachers, and coaches to reverse the trends that are shortening the lifespan of our youth today.

We can’t contribute to these statistics by feeding our kids a poor diet, allowing them to sit in front of the TV for hours, or failing to educate them on the values of a healthy lifestyle.

It’s time to lead by example… living a healthier lifestyle ourselves and doing what’s right for our kids, not what is always easy.

KFIT Health is asking you to believe in the importance and significance of this mission and to step up by choosing to make a healthy impact on the lives of your family and those around you.

Sign up to receive healthy tips and tools and become a part of this movement today.

Alone we are but a voice of reason but together we are a force of change.

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