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Kryptix - Some Love Verse I Taped Together lol

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My Gaming Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_I2lpf8urBGNph53ua8Jvg
Twitter: @Kryptixtv https://www.twitter.com/kryptixtv

It’s getting hot in here, gotta bump some Ice Cube
We’re in the heat of the moment and it’s now my moves
Some girls love to say how sweet I am, but avoid me like diabetes type 2
Then they look back at me and smile, “I know they’re nothing like you”
But it’s cool, I appreciate the nice clues, I see the light in you, too
Momma raised no fool, you gotta come close to me and stay true
I know you’re playing hard to get, gotta slow it down like parkison’s
Vocal skills? I sharpen them, those love feels, I target them
And I’m an honest man, speak truth like one of 2pac’s hottest jams
So my words should be worth more than a Lincoln autograph
Let’s keep things alive, nothing like a Michael Jackson hologram
So understand, I’m trying to build something from that double glance
And that smile was amazing, I can kinda see the beauty inside
Your eyes are the windows to your soul so I can see where it truly resides


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