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Last Boss vMoL (Healer PoV)

So after 2 nights of practice we finally did it, we completed vMoL.
This trial took us just short of 2 weeks to practice/complete on Vet for our first time. We’ll aim to get a faster run/completion next time, but completing this and getting the skin was satisfying enough for the moment.
Guild: Trial Pioneers

Destro bar:
Breath of Life
Ele drain
Radiant Destruction
Mystic Orb
Blazing Spear

Resto bar:
Combat Prayer
Siphon Spirit
Healing Srpings
Efficient Purge
Channeled Focus
Aggressive Warhorn

Songs are:
Two Steps From Hell – Cannon in D Minor
Two Steps From Hell – Stormkeeper
Two Steps From Hell – Flight of The Silverbird

Twitter – @ChantGaming

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