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Last Day of Research in Brazil --Fazenda Bom Lapa de Jesus Alecrim Cachoeira Bahia Brazil

My name is Veronica G. Ochoa. I am a first generation born MexiCAN from NorCal living in the Great White Northern Tundra of Lakes aka as the MSP. Currently, I I am conducting a 2 week research project on Diet, Lifestyle and Nutrition in Alecrim, Cachoeira, Bahia, Brazil as a student with World Learning dba School of International Training. My research project is a study about the effects of diet on health using the Theory of Social Representation as the foundation, qualitative & quantitative metrics, glucose and blood testing in conjuction with the local PSF (which is local public health post adminstered through SUS, Ministerio de Publico, Ministerio de Saude and the Federal Brazilian Govt).

My hope is to use silent and participant observation to create a partnership with my research members in order to empower them to make lifestyle changes based on their expertise, desires, needs and overall their willingness to make adjustments with proper medical guidance. We hope to make this a long term project with health promotion, diet and lifestyle not to mention public health being the co-conspirator to eradicate the insane levels of diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, obesity, heart disease and other health issues in correlation with other social pre-determinants f(race, social class, educational attainment, gender) in order to attain positive health outcomes.

I am a conflict theorist. ( shout out to my mentor Buffy Smith at the University of St. Thomas for further implementing and cementing this reality in my ethos).

Back to this..

The Brazilian government has not approached ( I feel in a long term manner with proven results no such reporting ) diet, nutrition and lifestyle as the key components for attacking these pandemic health issues in the Brazilian population and specifically in the preto/a., pardo/a and povo indigenous populations. The minority populations based on their Federal census race tracking based on colors as referenced above which is black/dark, mixed race or indigenous blood based peoples which I know and feel creates categories of institutional violence within the SUS and PSF public health systems here in Brazil. I hope to create dialogue with this research and return as a Fulbright student. Beijos paz e luz! Veronica G. Ochoa

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