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Latest Diabetes Treatment and Control E

The easiest way to control diabetes.
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Why Gluco Health?

Diabetes is a disorder in which the body is unable to control the use of sugar as a source of energy. When Carbohydrates (Contained in sugar and starches) are digested, they are absorbed into the blood as glucose. Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas is released in the blood stream when the level of the glucose rises and the hormone (Insulin) enables glucose to be stored and used in the tissues. In diabetic patients either there is insufficient insulin or no insulin. Thus glucose, which is not used in the body, gets accumulated in the blood and eventually passes in the urine (Glycosuria). The symptoms include frequent passing of large quantities of Urine, Unexplained loss of weight, Feeling of tiredness and weakness. It can also precipitate high blood pressure, Heart attack and may eventually Paralyze the Kidneys. Eyesight may also get affected. The worst part is that there is no cure for this disease with science today.

But according to Ayurveda, if treatment is given at the early stages, the person may be cured completely. But he has to control his diet. In other cases, a balanced herbal diet that meets the nutritional needs of the person, glucose level remains under control. And in chronic cases, where the person is taking insulin, after a long treatment, he may not be dependent on insulin but may have to take oral/herbal medicine to keep glucose level under limits and regular blood tests and checkups along with some exercise. Chemicals (Allopathic Medicine) control the blood sugar level faster but fails to provide relief to other problems associated with the diabetes where as herbal remedies take time to show the improvement in disease (Blood glucose level) but provides maximum relief from the other ailments present with this disease. Sufferer feels himself more energetic and relieved and in chronic cases where the sufferer is totally dependent on insulin, after a long-term use can decrease his insulin intake.

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