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Learn How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally - Pritikin

If you’re looking to learn how to reverse diabetes naturally, watch this video for doctor and nutritionist approved advice.

Can you control diabetes? Reverse it?

Absolutely. We can beat diabetes. The disease process associated with diabetes (which leads to heart attacks, strokes, and other crippling illnesses) can be slowed and even partially reversed by controlling blood glucose and other cardiovascular disease risk factors. For maximum effectiveness, blood glucose must be controlled at near normal levels throughout most of the day via loss of excess weight, particularly belly fat, as well as daily physical activity, and, if necessary, medications and insulin injections.

Results of the Pritikin Program

Research published on Type 2 diabetics coming to the Pritikin Longevity Center illustrate how profoundly beneficial early intervention can be. This study followed 243 people in the early stages of diabetes (not yet on medications). Within three weeks of coming to Pritikin, their fasting glucose fell on average from 160 to 124.

Studies have also found that the Pritikin Program reduces fasting insulin by 25 to 40% .

Research has found, too, that the Pritikin Program can actually reverse the Metabolic Syndrome. In 50% of adult Americans studied, the Pritikin Program reversed the clinical diagnosis of Metabolic Syndrome, and in just three weeks. In research following children with the Metabolic Syndrome, 100% no longer had the syndrome within two weeks of starting the Pritikin Program.

Learn more about reversing diabetes naturally here: https://www.pritikin.com/your-health/health-benefits/diabetes.html.


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