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Leihlo la Sechaba: Diabetes

6 million people are living with diabetes in South Africa. 14 November is World Diabetes Day. This week we commemorate World Diabetes Day by highlighting risks factors associated with diabetes. We talk to a support group in Alexandra and the organisation, Diabetes South Africa.

Catch Leihlo la Sechaba every Thursday at 18:00 only on SABC 2. Watch the full programme here on 18:30. Join us then!


Leihlo la Sechaba, (Sotho for Eye of the Nation) is an investigative programme where journalists investigate topics of interest, developmental stories, corruption, crime and where possible, discover the truth.

Watch this programme every Thursday at 18:00 only on SABC 2. Watch the full episode here at 18:30, directly after the normal TV broadcast on SABC 2. Join us then!”


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