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Leos Fighting Hunger | O 2 Argentina | #ProudLEO #YOUthSERVE

Now a days, the World can produce enough food to satisfy adequately all their habitants. Neverless, in spite of all attempts made in the last two decades, 815 million people still suffer from chronic hunger.

Latin america and the Caribbeans are at the forefront of the global fight against hunger. It’s the region that has made the most progress in the last 20 years, reducing the percentage and the total number of people who suffer from hunger. At the same time, It was the first to commit to the complete eradication of hunger through the Latin America and the Caribbean Free Hunger Initiative 2025. This renewed political commitment is based on the full conviction that eradicating hunger in the area is a goal possible.

The LEOs of the Argentinian Litoral commit ourselves every day to serve our region, collaborating with the Latin American campaign “Leos Fighting Hunger” and also the Service Area “Relief to Hunger”: making campaigns to contribute to eradicate this munidial problem, organizing services regional scope, such as collections and deliveries of food for necessary meals such as lunches or snacks for children; giving talks in schools about the importance of good nutrition and training us on what foods are better for health.

Each LEO contains a history lived by this movement that, with love and solidarity, make Leoism a philosophy of life.

In this way, the LEO O 2 District contributes to RELIEVE THE HUNGER!



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